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The website is the property of Marieta Kojanov - Ralitza Artisan - called the SUPPLIER. 

Using this site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions below. 

We recommend reading these carefully! 

- The SUPPLIER assumes the right to modify these provisions without further notice. The latest version can be found by accessing this page, called "Terms and conditions".
- SUPPLIER guarantees the user limited access, in personal interest (making online orders, information), to the website http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM and does not grant him the right to download or modify the website in whole or in part, to  partially or fully reproduce the site, copy, sell/resell or exploit the site in any other way, for commercial purposes or contrary to the interests of the company without its prior written consent.
- The right to create a web link - link - to is limited, non-exclusive and revocable, and is granted as long as it does not cause any disadvantages for or any of our partners, only after  obtaining our consent in writing or by email.

The PROVIDER's copyright on the information published on 

- The entire content of the presentation website http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM - images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphic elements, emails, scripts, programs and other data - is the property of Marieta Kojanov and is protected by law  copyright and laws regarding intellectual and industrial property.
- The use without the consent of the SUPPLIER of any of the elements listed above is punishable according to the legislation in force. The use of the website is allowed only within the limits mentioned in this document.

The products and services offered by the SUPPLIER on the website, price policy 

- The products sold through http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM are new and delivered in the manufacturer's original packaging.
- The products and services of Ralitza Tailor are offered within the limit of the available stock.  For this reason, the SUPPLIER assumes the right not to honor a certain order if the material is no longer in stock.
- The prices presented do not include delivery costs, unless expressly specified on the website.  - The purchase price is the same as that published on the website.
- Despite our efforts, a small number of products may have wrong prices on the website, erroneously set by our IT application. Under these conditions, the final price accepted by the client during the discussions with the Artisan Ralitza Tailor is always considered.
- If the real price of the product is higher than the price displayed on, we are entitled to satisfy your request to deliver the product to you at the price published on the website, only to the extent that we can do so, as  you are entitled to refuse the respective order.
- THE PROVIDER does not offer any guarantee, expressly or implicitly, regarding including, but not limited to, the operation of this site, the information, the correctness of the descriptions, the updating of the content, the products on the site as well as their suitability for a certain purpose  .
- The images published on the website are for example, and the delivered products may differ from the images shown in any way (color, accessories, appearance, etc.).
- The content of (texts, product descriptions, technical characteristics, images, symbols) is created in collaboration with the partners and collaborators of Ralitza Tailor.  For this reason, the SUPPLIER does not assume responsibility for the product descriptions and specifications displayed on the http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM website.
- Ralitza Tailor reserves the right to modify the technical specifications of the products without prior notification.

Payment of products

- Payment for products ordered from http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM is made after you receive confirmation that the product ordered by you has been completed and is made by BANK TRANSFER
- Proof of payment must be sent to the SUPPLIER at the e-mail address
- The delivery will be made only after the money has entered the SUPPLIER's account.
- The ordered products must be paid in full, otherwise the delivery will not be made.

Delivery of products

- Products are delivered anywhere in the UK via Royal Mail.
- The delivery time for the products is 20 working days and may increase depending on the volume of orders from the Ralitza workshop or the delivery time of Royal Mail. 

- All Ralitza products are handmade only to order. 

Delivery costs:
- FREE on orders over £200.
- For parcels up to 1 kg, size 23 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm - transport price £5. 

- We do not deliver to countries outside the United Kingdom.
- Delivery to other countries outside the UK - If this is desired, please send an e-mail to and we will reply as soon as possible. 

- The receipt of the products represents the customer's acceptance that the products have arrived in good condition.
- The customer expresses his explicit agreement when signing the acknowledgment of receipt regarding the fact that he has received the product(s) that is (are) in accordance with the order and his needs.
- If the customer is not found at the mentioned address, he will be contacted by phone by the courier company.
- The SUPPLIER reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of ordered products if they cannot be honored for reasons independent of the SUPPLIER, which include: fires, explosions, floods, epidemics, strikes, government actions, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, riots  , civil disturbances or other force majeure impediments.
- The maximum amount of damages that can be paid by the SUPPLIER to any customer in case of non-delivery or improper delivery is the amount collected by the SUPPLIER from this customer.
- The SUPPLIER reserves the right not to ship certain orders where the shipping cost exceeds the value of the products or where the shipping cost exceeds £5.

Information about the RETURN of purchased products

The right to unilaterally terminate the contract. 

The consumer cannot unilaterally denounce the following types of contracts, except in cases where the parties have agreed otherwise:
- orders for the supply of products made according to the consumer's specifications or distinctly customized products, as well as those which, by their nature, cannot be returned or which can degrade or deteriorate quickly.
- If a different product than the one ordered was sent, the transport charges will be borne by the SUPPLIER.
- The consumer must send the product to the supplier together with all the original labels, in a protective packaging.
- The condition of the purchased products must be the same as when they were received, they must not have been worn or damaged. 

The quality of the hosting services, the links to other sites, operating errors 

- The website is hosted by the servers of a third company.
- The SUPPLIER cannot be held responsible for any errors that appear on the site, regardless of the reasons for their occurrence, including changes to the site, settings, or updates to the programmed scripts.  - The SUPPLIER cannot be held responsible for errors that occur due to the use of certain browsers to visit the http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM website.
- THE SUPPLIER is not responsible for the content, quality or nature of the sites that are reached through links from the http://WWW.RALITZATAILOR.COM website.
- For the respective sites, full responsibility is borne by the owners of the sites in question.

Privacy policy

- The SUPPLIER guarantees the security and confidentiality of the data hosted and transmitted through its computer system.  This information can be used by the SUPPLIER to send the user order confirmation, various special offers, promotions, etc.  only with the prior consent of the client.
- The provision of personal data to the SUPPLIER does not imply obligations on the part of the users and they can refuse to provide this data in any circumstances and can request their deletion from the database free of charge.  Any such request/notification in order to delete them from the database, will be dated, signed and sent by the person registered in the database by e-mail to the address office[at]
- The SUPPLIER undertakes that personal data will not be disseminated to third parties with the exception of the direct marketing operator.  However, the personal data may be transmitted to the legal authorities to verify commercial transactions or to other legal authorities to carry out any checks justified by law, if this is requested in accordance with the laws in force.
- Due to the way in which the personal data stored by the SUPPLIER's system are transmitted electronically, the SUPPLIER cannot be held responsible in any way for their loss or the copying of information by unauthorized persons, through the use of interception equipment or software.
- Upon notification of the users, the SUPPLIER will take all measures and make available all the necessary files to the competent bodies empowered to solve this type of crime.
- The information provided to the SUPPLIER is used only for the purpose for which it was entered (making orders, sending messages), according to the laws in force.  The PROVIDER does not provide your e-mail address to third parties, does not encourage spam, and does not make public the data provided by its customers without their explicit consent.
- You are obliged to provide the data, these being necessary for the delivery of the orders placed.  Your refusal causes orders to be legally cancelled. 

- The registered information is intended for use by the operator and is communicated only to the following recipients: courier companies with which Marieta Kojanov delivers the orders placed and the direct marketing operator.
- If you want to receive information about products, services, events, etc. offered by the SUPPLIER is a voluntary choice and you can express it by sending an e-mail to