Our background

I learned and evolved behind the brands Bigotti, Artigiani, Massini, as head of section in the department of men's clothing.

In 2007 I decided to start on a new road and opted for the bespoke and made to measure men's tailoring.

After a beautiful experience as an entrepreneur in France, I made my mark as a professional in the design of men's accessories in Romania.

I wanted to do something special so I decided to launch the first line of Ralitza accessories.

I am the first craftsman in Romania who managed to bring back to life the cap and at the same time the fashion trend of the period La Belle Epoque. Thus the Ralitza Workshop was surrounded by customers, many of them became friends, special people who understand the meaning of wearing these handmade accessories.

I am proud that I gave my imagination free rein, and combined with my long experience, it has made its mark in all my creations of accessories and shirts.

Marieta Kojanov
Fashion designer