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Tailor - a noble profession

Marieta Kojanov - artisan RalitzaI am an experienced professional of one of the most beautiful crafts in the world, tailoring. I love what I do, and having this high skill I c...

Stay in home

In this critical period, every day comes with a new challenge.We learn new things prepare new projects and try as much as possible to adapt to the current situation.  We ...

Herringbone fabric

HERRINGBONE is a repetitive V-shaped or ZIGZAG model. The English name "Herringbone" comes from its resemblance to the herring bones.This type of fabric is enhanced when using...

Stay close to us online!

Due to the current context, we take the situation very seriously, and therefore, we remain close to you only online. All our meetings, events and projects are postponed.We rem...

Marton Mills factory

It was a pleasure and a great honor for us to visit one of the most important fabric factories in England. Marton Mills is the largest supplier of school uniforms and kil...

Ralitza workshop at the Bucharest Christmas Market 2019!

The RALITZA workshop invites you to the Bucharest Christmas Market 2019!It is already a tradition to be with you, at the most beautiful event, organized for the winter holiday...

Keep your CAP as beautiful and elegant as the day you bought it

Ralitza’s recommendations: You can clean the hat by hand washing or with a washing machine. Hand washing can be done in warm water, with dedicated wool detergent. You can also...

Elegance means attention to details!

Elegance means attention to details! For a stylish appearance, on a special day or a special evening, Ralitza accessories are what make the difference. It makes you feel ...