Marton Mills factory

Marton Mills factory

It was a pleasure and a great honor for us to visit one of the most important fabric factories in England.

 Marton Mills is the largest supplier of school uniforms and kilt fabrics in the UK.

We had the opportunity to discuss with the president of the factory, Mr. Duncan, about his family business, about the management of the factory, the history of Marton Mills, the technological manufacturing process, the quality standards and not at least about the environment.

 “At Marton Mills we offer consistent quality and an exemplary service. Our goal is to produce high quality fabrics that can withstand time. To ensure this, we have built long-term relationships with our suppliers and have undertaken a strict quality control protocol and tests.

We try to use and promote WOOL, where is possible, because it is natural, sustainable and 100% bio-degradable. We are members of the wool brands, the British wool campaign that supports the ethical growth of wool both in the UK and abroad.

Being a family-owned business, pride and care are provided with every order to ensure the highest quality fabric production."

Duncan R. Watts F.C.C.A