Keep your CAP as beautiful and elegant as the day you bought it

Keep your CAP as beautiful and elegant as the day you bought it

Ralitza’s recommendations:

You can clean the hat by hand washing or with a washing machine. Hand washing can be done
in warm water, with dedicated wool detergent. You can also use children shampoo.

When washing, do not rub too hard, do not crumble or squeeze, cause the hat can get large.

If you want to use the washing machine choose the WOOL program, with a temperature up to
30 ° and without spinning. We recommend to use a washing machine only in case of an

After washing, shake the hat a little bit and let it dry to room temperature.

Because the wool has a tendency to warp, it is recommended that the product be dried
horizontally, not vertically.

You can place the cap, on a special support for hats.

Never dry a wool cap on a radiator because the heat will shrink the fibers and the cap can
shrink. It is not recommended to dry the cap using external heat sources (in the sun).

The wool is ironed at 150 ° and it is recommended to put a cotton towel between the iron and
the product. The lining is ironed by turning the cap on its back.

For daily maintenance, you must use a brush with natural or organic hair. Brushing will help to
remove dust and dirt. Brush the cap with quick movements.

Wool products should be stored in a dry environment, free from pests, like moths.

We recommend keeping the caps in boxes or special storage spaces. Also, it is recommended to
use lavender or camphor bags in the hat boxes. In the storage areas you can also put cedar